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    Looking for Love Over 50? Let Pre-Dating Help

    If you're over 50 and thinking of finding someone special, the prospect of dating can be daunting. Maybe you're getting back into dating after decades and it feels a little strange. But it's never too late to find the love of your life or simply some wonderful companionship. There are countless men and women who have found happiness with a new partner in middle age or even later. You could be one of them. Our events are the perfect way to get your feet wet, by letting you practice talking to people face to face, and helping you figure out what you like and don't like. The 6-minute Pre-Dates let you meet up to 12 potential partners in a few hours. Image the effort, time, and money it would take you to meet and go on dates with 12 people! No chemistry? No problem! After 6 minutes you're on to the next person. Much safer than meeting a stranger alone, our Pre-Dating events are in a safe, controlled envoirnment. Plus they're lots of fun! Start your search with us, we'll be happy to help you on your way to your next chapter! Find a Baltimore Event

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    How a Pre-Dating Speed Dating Events Works

    How Pre-Dating Speed Dating Events Works Our Events are very fun and relaxed. Most people tell us how much they enjoyed the event, even if they don't 'make a match.' Our advice is to go with no expectations -- you'll be more confident and able to be yourself if you don't put too much pressure on the evening. You're just going to have a nice night, check out a cool location, and talk to some friendly people. If more than that happens, even better! Bring a friend if it makes you more comfortable, they're always welcome at the venue and can watch from a nearby table having a drink if they're not dating.

    1. Buy your ticket on our website, and we put you on the list. Mark your calendar.

    2. Show up at the location a few minutes early and look for our friendly Event Host to welcome you. Tell us your name and we'll check you in, and give you a name tag, a Match Sheet and a pen. We'll tell you at which table to sit.

    3. When we start, you'll talk to 6-12 (sometimes more) singles of the opposite gender, one-at-a-time in a series of 6-minute "Pre-Dates". We'll facilitate so you'll meet everyone. After you meet each one, circle who you’d like to speak with again and they'll do the same.

    4. Within 24-hours of the event we'll email you. If you have 'matches' they'll get your email address, and you'll get theirs. We don't share phone numbers - we leave that for you. You’ll likely have one or more matches (more than two-thirds of Pre-Daters match at least one person).

    5. After that, it’s up to you! Since you’ve had a Pre-Date, your chances of making a more lasting connection are vastly increased.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us at an event - we'll make sure you have a great time! Find a Baltimore Event

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    DATING NEWS: Pre-Dating Speed Dating Offers Singles an Exciting Way to Meet Their Partners Offline

    As featured in Dating News, Written by: Sheena Holt Edited by: Lillian Guevara-Castro Posted: March 31, 2023.

    The Scoop: When it comes to the dating world today, sometimes it’s better to feel a person out before committing to a date with someone with whom you have no chemistry. Nothing is more dreadful than being on a dinner date and just waiting for the check to come so you can split as soon as it’s paid. Use your time wisely and give speed dating at Pre-Dating or the icebreakers of Lock and Key Events a try. These events allow you to pick up the vibes of the person before committing to a date.

    Let’s face it: even as adults, it can be hard trying to initiate a date. It’s not just teenagers who get butterflies in their stomachs; adults go through the same nerve-wracking process whether they’re in their mid-20s or late-30s. Sometimes an extra hand in facilitating an inviting environment can help people project their true selves, and that’s what Pre-Dating Speed Dating and Lock and Key events are about. It’s speed dating that is hosted in multiple cities and allows users to show up and show off their awesome personalities.

    Speed dating is a certified way to create a spark. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the digital age where personal contact is reduced to a post, a tweet, or slide into DMs. But there’s only so much interaction that gets translated over the phone. Human connection, at its finest, happens in person, where you can showcase your body language, that beautiful smile, even the new hairstyle you didn’t get to post yet. The point is that meeting in person breaks the digital barrier and allows people to see more than a picture of you. Pre-Dating is a sure-fire way to kick off your future love story.

    Statistics show that people are two times more likely to go on a date and catch romantic feelings for someone who is charismatic at speed dating. This is your opportunity to... Read Full Article

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